With its great mission of providing a happy, healthy and honorable life to humankind through products and services of highest purity and quality with the touch of holy spirituality is on its way to offer a complete holistic life to the society.
Offers revolutionary books based on discourses of Shri Shri Narayan Prem Sai which are full of divine knowledge and secrets of Indian culture unknown to the society today which is a real cause of all its misery.
Sai Uvach
This book is a chronological description of the stream of satsangs that were undertaken for the benefit of common man by...
Sakshaatkaar Ki Raah
Lord Rama's Guru Vashishtha s sermons have been compiled in two huge volumes of Shri Yogavashishtha Maharamayana . It is...
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Naam Sankirtanam
Naam sankirtanam yasya sarv-paap-pranashanam - remembering God's name destroys all our sins and sorrows. It purifies the...
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Noorani Noor
Noorani Noor Audio CD is an incredible compilation of Sindhi Bhajans sung by H.H. Shri Narayan Prem Sai. Though in Sindh...
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