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Ojaswi Saree,a name resonating beauty, elegance,grandeur,wasconcerned in 2019,by the ingenious Mr. Vikram Jain.With Ojaswi Saree he decidedto set a new level of authentic Indian wear, saree. And with time andperseverance he did srt a bench mark,a whole new exprience for the INDIANwomen. In the year 2019 Mr. Jain efforts did get the blooming result, Ojaswisaree became the epitome of grace and style,as it was widely accepted andcherished . Since then ,there has been no looking back. It was just not onlyMr. Vikarm's Hard work that paid off ,his brother  Mr. Ramesh Jain guidedand planned all the financial events. Mr. Vikram Jain is not only a goodbusinessman but also a very blessed and humanly person. Destiny did give himthe best, but with all this he retained his humbleness. Today, he look after atleast 45 families, who are not that fortunate, takes care of all their need. Toadd to it , he funds free meals for children , on daily bases. Ojaswi Saree hasproven its worth at many platforms, being the star of night Surat dreamsgetting the best review and being the being the best. Across India , OjaswiSaree has always been the show runner especially in WB, Bihar, Delhi, Rajasthan& Gujrat.



41 years old he step down at Surat station in November1995 employee gathering experience and making himself Bhuvan into the style andsystems of the textile trading business in Surat. Mr. Vikram always power withenthusiasm and energy focused very sincere efforts towards designing andquantity supplied and this was when his brother Mr. Ramesh Jain from Mumbaialso joined him Success-ed in Ojaswi Saree after him two sides of a coin arealways together.

Our Vision

To create a truly global brand that provides growth opportunities for the company and its employees, whilst achieving its goal of becoming the number one value fashion wholesaler across the North India.

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Our Mission

  • To be the best in the field of value.
  • To provide fashionable products at affordable prices.
  • To be an innovative, cost effective and globally competitive.
  • To exceed our customer expectations.
  • To provide opportunities of growth for our employees.
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    Quality and Fabrics never goes out of style, We suggest to all Ojaswi Sarees - Thank you.

    - Dindayal Jalan (Varanasi)

    Awesome Sarees Product and Quality with Excellent support for us...We are so thankful of him

    - Annapurna Textiles (BHAGALPUR)

    Sarees Design and Quality that Suits your Trends even we proudly say Nice Product and Quality - Thank you.

    - Galani Fashions (PUNE)